Saturday Summary 019

The big news this week is Spotify’s North American launch, but there’s really nothing to say about that so far. It will have some kind of an impact, but exactly how much of one remains to be seen. I don’t know what the end user deal looks like at launch, but here in Europe it’s gone very crappy for those on the free version. It’s certainly true that listeners don’t really care whether or not they ‘own’ a sound, as long as they have access to it, but whether Spotify offers the most attractive means of access for Americans I don’t know. Other than that, I have a few bits of preaching to the converted (the horrendous practices of the old school industry).

This will be my last Saturday Summary for a while, as I’m going on my holidays, and taking a bit of time off from writing: when I start again, my focus is going to be very much more on fiction than non-fiction, so updates like this might not be so frequent. I have, however, written enough reviews to keep the blog running at capacity for the next three weeks, so you’ll still have lots of my self-important verbiage to nibble on.


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