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The Chewers – Every Drop Disorganized (avant-rock)

March 25, 2013


Absurdity in the arts is usually associated with comedy and satire; it is certainly true that much humour is absurdist in character, and that there is something about an incongruity that seems to tickle us. The mechanics of humour are doubtless complex, and they are not a topic I have spent much time thinking about, so I won’t dwell on the reasons for this, but I will say that there seems to me to be rather more to it than that. The absurd can be a route to more than just a laugh, and this is a point that has been exploited in a number of artistic movements historically, Dada and Surrealism for example (and Freud had a thing or two to say about the incongruous juxtaposition). Every Drop Disorganized most certainly is funny, sometimes because of the …

Daniele Camarda – Sound Act (solo bass guitar)

March 14, 2013


Daniele Camarda effectively straddles two zones of musical practice, invoking two distinct sets of assumptions about sound, art and how they relate to each other. He is a solo bass guitar performer, employing an advanced technique on an extended range (seven string) instrument; this is an unusual thing to be, but not unprecedented, and for the last couple of decades various musicians have been demonstrating to the world that the bass guitar can not only lead an ensemble, but transcend it entirely. These bass players have operated in a number of ways, producing textures that range from the ambient to the brutal, some using drum machines and samples, some employing live-looping technology, some performing in total bare-bones …